Welcome to Grade Five

Welcome to Grade Five

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Today's Homework:

Practice Math drills (times tables up to 9 and division up to 9 as the divisor) every day for 5 - 10 minutes, aiming for accuracy and quickness.
Read 20 minutes every day. 

Keep practicing Speech Arts. The Grade 5 poem is available in Google Classroom.
Math MMS page 133,134 # 1 - 5 due tomorrow.
Science Project - The Digestive System due Friday, February 28th. Instructions in Google Classroom.
Holes Comprehension Questions Chapters 8 - 17 due tomorrow.
Social Studies Sheets due tomorrow.
No school Thursday, Friday or next Monday.
Tuesday, February 18th all individual speech arts will be presented.
Wednesday, February 19th group speech arts will be performed in the Church basement. All parents are welcome to attend.

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