Welcome to Grade Five

Welcome to Grade Five

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Today's Homework:

Math Homework sheet page 30,31 due Monday.
Spelling homework package due tomorrow.
10 Spelling sentences due tomorrow.
Practice Christmas song every day. Link in Google Classroom.
Bridge to Terabithia Ch. 9 - 10 in Google Classroom due next week.
Science Complex machines in Google Classroom due Thursday. 
Social Studies - "Hannah and Nicholas" in Google Classroom due Monday.
Dress Up Day tomorrow. Twins Day. Bring a loonie or toonie for Grade 7 Grad.
Spelling test tomorrow.

Students need to plan for their costume for the Christmas Concert. It doesn't have to be fancy. They are dressing like people back when Jesus was born. Shepherds, regular people etc. They could wear robes, loose clothes of a solid colour etc.
If they want to wear a head covering, below is an easy way to do. Using an old sheet 

or pillowcase, fabric, etc.
Below is an example of how to make a head covering.

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